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9 Indoor Blooms To Get You Excited For Spring

Sharon Monticello

Sharon Monticello is native to one of California's most picturesque areas— Petaluma, nestled in the heart of wine country, has been home to Sharon's...

Sharon Monticello is native to one of California's most picturesque areas— Petaluma, nestled in the heart of wine country, has been home to Sharon's...

Apr 6 5 minutes read

The season of blooms is back in full force, and it’s time to put those gardening tools out from the back shed and start working on our beloved plants! And, since most of us still prefer spending much of our time indoors (yes, there’s still a pandemic, peeps!), we NOW have Spring flowering house plants to keep us company!

Imagine waking up to a home filled with colorful, inexpensive Spring flowering houseplants– it’s indeed an image you can already smell! Many blooming houseplants thrive for years with minimal care, so you don’t have to feel discouraged or too overwhelmed with responsibility. And to help you choose the perfect blooms, here are a few of our favorite blooming houseplants to brighten your home for the new spring season.


Anthuriums are heart-shaped plants that come in different colors, and they’re also easy to grow indoors and bloom year-round! This plant thrives well with indirect light, humid weather, and moist soil. Be careful, though, as these pretty plants are poisonous if accidentally ingested, so parents and pet owners should be wary!


These brightly leaved plants are great Springtime additions to your home, especially since Spring is the season when Hydrangeas bloom naturally. Be sure to keep their soil moist and have them positioned in direct sunlight if you want to keep them indoors. If you follow these two conditions, it’s safe to say these plants will make for a beautiful display in your home.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas cacti are old-fashioned favorites because these indoor plants are fuss-free and live for decades! They have exotic-looking blooms in beautiful shades, ranging from white to corals and reds! They like bright indirect light and water when the soil is dry. Choose the best species to take care of– each species bloom at different times of the year, including Thanksgiving and Easter. Just be sure to avoid letting water sit in the saucer!


Whether in pink, lilac, red, or white, these beautiful Cyclamen blooms float above heart-shaped leaves and continue appearing for months! Give them bright light, and keep them lightly moist if you wish to keep them indoors. Just take note that they prefer cool temps (60 to 70 degrees), or else the leaves tend to yellow and die. Enjoy them at their peak and compost.


Amaryllis comes from bulbs sold in the Fall season. To care for these beauties indoors, put them in a bright spot; too little light causes them to flop over. You should also keep the soil evenly moist. Blooms occur about six weeks later and last for a month or more. To get them to rebloom, save the bulb and leave the foliage intact but cut the faded flower stalk. Then, move into shade outdoors after the last frost. Come summer, let the bulb go dormant, cut off the foliage, and don’t water until November. Start to water again, and cross your fingers!

Phalenopsis Orchid

These orchids may be delicate-looking, but they’re not as fragile as they appear! In fact, Phalenopsis orchids bloom for months and live for years with little care. These beauties prefer bright, indirect light (an east or west-facing window is best). Water once a week until it drains out of the bottom of the pot.


Kalanchoes are succulents that boast glossy green leaves and bright red, yellow, pink, or orange flower clusters that last for weeks. To care for them indoors, place them in bright, indirect light. They prefer to dry out between waterings. Cut off the flower head after it fizzles, then enjoy the foliage all year long. Occasionally, Kalanchoe will rebloom the following year.


A stunning plant known to adapt well to indoor environments, Hibiscus has large flowers that last only a few days but typically stay in bloom from Spring to Fall. It can also live for several years if given bright light, and its soil is evenly moist in the summer.

Peace lily  

Peace Lilies are shiny green leaves and spoon-shaped white flowers that are a must-have indoors, especially during Spring! In the right conditions, they can last for years with almost no care. Although they prefer low to moderate light, this gorgeous plant blooms better with bright filtered light. Peace Lilies also like moist, not soggy, soil.

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