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9 Low-Cost Spring Break Activities for the Family

Sharon Monticello

Sharon Monticello is native to one of California's most picturesque areas— Petaluma, nestled in the heart of wine country, has been home to Sharon's...

Sharon Monticello is native to one of California's most picturesque areas— Petaluma, nestled in the heart of wine country, has been home to Sharon's...

May 9 4 minutes read

Oh, Spring, what beautiful weather you offer!

With the hardiest flowers in bloom and that subtle, sweet musky aroma in the air, practically everyone wants to come outside and enjoy the spring weather with the family (unless you're allergic to flowers, of course).

However, not everyone has money set aside for extracurricular activities, even if it's just a quick trip to a nearby city, and that's OK! There are numerous fun and inexpensive ways to create lasting memories with your loved ones over Spring break.

This site is for you if you have a budget-conscious family! Here are nine wonderful free or low-cost activities to do during Spring!

Get Down and Dirty at your Neighborhood Playground 

This previous season, everyone missed the outdoor playgrounds, and spring is the ideal time to take the kids to the nearest park for some free play! Bring some snacks and drinks with you so you'll be ready when kids grow hungry or thirsty.

Hop on your Bike and Ride with the Family

A family bike ride may not be the cheapest Spring activity if you don't already have bike. However, if you can buy from yard sales or borrow from friends, organizing a bike ride day for your family is a terrific way to explore and enjoy the nice weather!

Have a Picturesque Nature Hike  

Take advantage of the opportunity to explore the local trails this Spring! Take the family to the local path (and make sure to choose an easier one for your little children) and marvel at Mother Nature's wonders up close! Remember to keep an eye out for ticks if they're common in your neighborhood. Bring a tick spray with you and apply it before your hike, then give your family a once-over once you're done!

Enjoy Some Spring Craft Sessions with the Kids  

Spring vacation has arrived, but the learning does not. Gather your markers and papers and plan a few craft sessions with the kids to make their time at home more memorable! Make a fun nature collage out of twigs, leaves, and flowers, make homemade slime, create a family time capsule, or make paper bag puppets and perform a family puppet show- the possibilities are unlimited!

Pick Some Spring Flowers 

Springtime brings more unusual flowers into bloom, so gather the family and go flower hunting for your favorite Spring blooms! Do you have a daffodil, a pansy, or a tulip blossoming in your yard or a neighboring field? Let's go for a walk and see if you can find any!

Camp Out!  

Camping is an excellent family bonding activity in any season. It might be as simple as pitching a tent on your lawn or paying for a campsite at your local state park while towing a travel trailer! What matters most is the worth of the memories you create with your loved ones while keeping within your budget!

Kite-Flying is Always a Good Idea 

If you live in a park that is free of overhead impediments for kite flying, you're in luck! Spring is the ideal time for your children to attempt flying a kite in the spring air! Make a strong kite that will endure several seasons and have everyone take turns flying it! If you have some extra cash, you may also go to your local dollar store and get some cheapos for the whole family.

Enjoy those Rain Showers 

What child wouldn't enjoy playing in the rain and jumping in puddles when even grownups find it enjoyable and calming (though they may not confess it!) Grab raincoats and boots, and let the whole family play about in the puddles! It's a Spring activity that will undoubtedly impact your children's childhoods!

Spring Gardening is (surprisingly) Fun! 

Gardening is the ideal Spring hobby, and doing it with the family is a terrific way to bond! Allow your children to explore and learn about nature by going to your local gardening store and purchasing some seeds to sow. Include the family in every step of the process and allow them to choose which ones to plant. Gardening could become one of your family's spring rituals, depending on how much they enjoy it!

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