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9 No-Sweat Tricks to Make Buyers Fall In Love with Your Home

Sharon Monticello

Sharon Monticello is native to one of California's most picturesque areas— Petaluma, nestled in the heart of wine country, has been home to Sharon's...

Sharon Monticello is native to one of California's most picturesque areas— Petaluma, nestled in the heart of wine country, has been home to Sharon's...

May 15 5 minutes read

Are you looking for ways to “up” your chance of attracting more real estate seekers WITHOUT investing crazy amounts of time AND money in renovations? Yes, it’s possible, and we’re here to give you a couple of ways to do it!

Check out nine minor changes you can make that will inspire lookers AND potential buyers to fall in love with your abode!

Make A Grand Entrance

As with life and relationships, first impressions almost ALWAYS last, even in the real estate game. Make your potential buyers feel connected to your home the second they step onto your property by putting on a fresh coat of paint and maintaining neat landscaping. You can also consider updating outdoor light fixtures, your house number, planters, and your doormats. For the indoors, you can try dressing your entry with a slim console table and a simple but stylish hanging fixture to wow potential buyers.

Make Some More Storage  

So your home doesn’t have big walk-ins or a spacious kitchen– no big deal! You can still make your buyers feel like they’ve got plenty of room for stowing stuff by clearing out jam-packed crannies and keeping your belongings in a rental facility or a family member’s house! Remember to leave about 30 percent of each closet of shelf space empty to give visitors the illusion of generous storage.

Slap On Impressive Paint

Putting fresh paint before a showing is already a given, but most homeowners don’t know that just slapping on a coat of whites isn’t the best strategy. You’ll want to go for a sophisticated neutral that does a better job of highlighting your windows and moldings to create an enveloping sense of coziness! Opt for warm grays, creams, and beige over stark white for maximum effect!

Feature That Natural Lighting

A home bathed in natural light stands out, so make the most out of your windows! Swap heavy curtains with streamlined, lightweight styles that match the wall colors. Meanwhile, if your home is contemporary, don’t be afraid to remove window treatments altogether–at least until after your buyer's visit! Give each window a thorough cleaning to invite as much sunlight as possible.

Don’t Forget To Add Cozy Touches

A charming home equals heavier buyer traffic, so put as many cozy and comforting accents around your home as possible.

Sure, you may have a small porch, but if you spruce it up with an adorable bistro dining set and containers of thriving herbs and flowers, it will be plenty appealing! Do you have more budget on your hands? A new fire pit and a set of lawn chairs beckoning from a far corner will light up buyers’ imaginations. You can also try placing a few books and plush pillows on your window bench to have your potential buyers picturing themselves curled up in their own reading nook.

Give Your Appliances A “Like-New” Makeover

No, you don’t have to shell out a large sum for a new refrigerator or eight-burner stove to attract serious buyers! However, you’ll need to take a hard, critical look at your current appliances and check for flaws. Does your dishwasher have dents and missing knobs? Is your refrigerator humming like a diesel generator? Invest in repairs, and your investment will pay off!

Highlight Your Master Bath

Did you know that master baths rank high on buyers’ must-have lists? So, if you have one, making it seem spacious and spa-like will be to your advantage. For the easiest fix, replace your towels, rugs, and show curtains with plush white versions, and consider upgrading your hardware with inexpensive yet modern ones. Don’t forget to replace chipped tile or damaged countertops for that seamless finish guaranteed to make your buyers feel instantly relaxed!

Keep It Chill 

There’s a fine line between artfully curated and museum-like, and you won’t want your home to feel like the latter! While making your home feel as spacious as possible is essential, you don’t want potential buyers to feel like they can’t touch anything.

Create a sense of openness by removing furnishings you don’t need an outfit the pieces you choose to keep with cozy pillows, blankets, and other touches that will make your house seem like a place a new buyer could call home.

Freshen Up Those Floors

Homeowners forget to pay attention to what’s underfoot, but potential buyers will certainly will! Have your wood floors refinished, so they gleam, give tile and grout a deep cleaning, and add some soft, unobtrusive area rugs to cover any problem spots and create a feeling of comfort and ease!

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