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Back-to-School Hits: 9 Tips to Prepare Your Kids for a New School Year

Sharon Monticello

Sharon Monticello is native to one of California's most picturesque areas— Petaluma, nestled in the heart of wine country, has been home to Sharon's...

Sharon Monticello is native to one of California's most picturesque areas— Petaluma, nestled in the heart of wine country, has been home to Sharon's...

Jul 26 5 minutes read

Mid-Summer marks the beginning of a new school year in some parts of the country, and the thought can bring on a few nerves and anxiety to your kids, especially for those who have moved to a new school or a different neighborhood altogether.

No parent wants their child to associate going to school with fear and apprehension, so we’re here to help you banish those first-day jitters for your child (and yourself) and replace them with feelings of excitement, anticipation, and hope!

Here are nine tips on how to get your kids back on track and ready for the new school year:

Encourage Your Child To Talk and Express Thoughts and Feelings 

The first step in putting your child’s fears and anxieties about the new school year at ease is encouraging them to talk about it. We need to gain our children’s trust and confidence so they can LET us help them understand and thrive, despite any difficult situation. Be your child’s rock, and spread some positivity!

Distance Your Child From Gadgets A Few Weeks Before Starting School  

Indulging in technology, online games, and gadgets is a guilty pleasure we allow our kids to experience over the summer, but it should be managed once the new school year kicks in. Slowly restrict their gadget use a few weeks before school officially starts, so you can eventually (and successfully!) pull them away from unnecessary distractions during school days. By doing this, you are helping them concentrate solely on academics and other school-related activities.

Go On A Back-To-School Shopping With Your Child   

Most kids get very excited about heading back to school when they begin shopping for new supplies and school clothes, so it may be a fun idea to shop together for school essentials! Online shopping is also a great alternative instead of going to a physical store, in case you’re hesitant to bring your younger child with you! Let them choose a new backpack and allow them to purchase a single trendy item to raise their enthusiasm about heading back to the classroom, IN STYLE!

Stock Up on Supplements and Immune-Boosting Foods 

Another essential we should all be stocking up on, for kids and adults alike, are vitamin supplements and foods with immune-boosting components! Kids are known to contract viruses and different infectious diseases easier in a school setting, and we need to make sure that their immune systems are strong enough to fight them off!

Regain An Early Night Routine Beforehand  

Being on school vacation may mean letting your kids have all-nighter passes for months, but we need to regain an early night routine at least a week before school starts. Make the transition easier on your kids by slowly moving back to a school bedtime and setting the alarm a little earlier each morning. Let your child have enough rest and sleep before he tackles a rigorous school day ahead and watch him thrive!

Establish Positive Habits   

Establishing positive habits makes busy school mornings run more smoothly. Teach your children responsibility and accountability by letting them layout their school clothing the night before or let them fill their water bottles and pack their lunches to store in the refrigerator until the next morning. Making them feel involved in the whole “getting ready for school” process will have them looking forward to school days even more (especially for younger school-goers!)!

Assign A Designated Study Space  

Going to school means inevitably bringing some school work home, so it’s best to create and organize a designated study space for a child inside your house. Younger children may need a place to work that is near a parent, so they can easily get help with assignments. Choose a quiet spot and fill it up with necessary supplies like pencils, crayons, paper, etc., and make sure there are proper lighting and a comfortable chair to make the time in that space as pleasant as possible.

Stay In Regular Contact With Your School 

Pandemic or not, many school districts are putting out tentative plans for their students, which sometimes change regularly, so try to stay in contact with your school to learn what they’re doing. Walk your kids through different scenarios and discuss their concerns and questions as diligently as possible.

Be Flexible and Forgiving With Your Child (And Yourself!) 

Each school year turns up differently for kids, parents, teachers, and even the school. Some kids may need additional support or special attention to help them adjust and thrive, especially as new changes ensue. Let’s try our best to be more flexible and forgiving with our children and ourselves! Let’s help each other surpass trying times.

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